Orientation Week 2023 – 2024 officially kicked off the first academic year at SISS

August 19, 2023

In the midst of the pleasant autumn weather and back-to-school season, Sydney International School System (SISS) kicked off the first academic year 2023 – 2024 with meaningful and exciting activities with Orientation Week for Primary and Secondary students from August 15th to August 17th, 2023.

During Orientation Week, Parents and students had the opportunity to explore the learning space and get to know the Homeroom and Subject teachers who will accompany them this academic year. In addition, the students also participated in some activities designed to help them get to know one another, helping increase interaction and integration with new friends.

The School also shared more about orientations, study plans, competitions, clubs, and some important notes for the new academic year with Parents. Hopefully, with this information, Parents will closely accompany the School and students in the new school year, initially creating a solid foundation for the development of the SISS community.

In order to positively encourage the SISS community in the new academic year as well as to thank the special participation of Parents, Mr. Aaron Butler – Vice Principal of the International Program – delivered his very meaningful and inspirational remarks. According to him, “The new academic year is the time for us to welcome the new challenges of the new journey, and it also marks an important milestone in the students’ lives. In the new academic year, I believe that we cannot succeed without the contribution of every single person in the SISS community. Teachers are the ones who play the most important role in educating and accompanying students. Parents have a vital role in fostering a good environment for the student’s growth. Students also need to strive persistently to achieve their objectives. In other words, we all have a role to play, and we must always work together.”

At the events, parents, teachers, and students experienced a range of sensations, from joy to serenity, through a special musical performance by students and teachers. The song is titled “Them yeu ngay nang den truong” and is performed by all SISS teachers, aiming to welcome the new academic year. With excited, proud melodies, the song also expressed the expectation, encouragement, and belief in the growth of the students during their time with SISS. We hope that you will have an impressive start and always find joy in learning and self-development.

We wish all of the students good health and are ready and willing to support SISS throughout this academic year. Hopefully, SISS will develop into a prestigious academic community that will bring them the good values of a digital citizen in the future.

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