Letter from the School Board

Dear parents and students,

Welcome to Sydney International School System (SISS). SISS is proud to be the pioneer in providing curriculum from New South Wales (Australia). SISS is confident in offering students a multicultural learning environment, an educational program that meets Australian standards, and a team of talented and motivated teachers who are dedicated to liberal education in globalization.

With the mission of building a future-ready education, SISS supports future generations of students in becoming global digital citizens with problem-solving skills, innovative and creative thinking abilities, creativity, and confidence to positively contribute to the movement of society. SISS brings a rigorous but also equally dynamic academic curriculum from Australia, so that every day, students can grow their passion for knowledge exploration in a multicultural, open-minded, caring, and friendly environment.

To meet the diverse learning demands of students, SISS builds curricula for students from Year Prep to Year 12, including the Bilingual Program and International Program with a team of teachers who have experience teaching in a setting of the highest international standards. In addition, SISS also places a high priority on helping students develop soft skills and an understanding of Australian culture so that they can successfully adapt to challenging multicultural environments.

In addition to the curriculum, SISS also offers students opportunities to participate in various extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, and social activities to foster their enthusiasm and abilities.

SISS is committed to assisting students in their academic endeavors so they can achieve their most important goals. Our teachers are always available to assist students in all facets of school life, from academic planning to dealing with personal, family, or health problems.

Additionally, SISS places a high value on creating a safe, fair, and respectful environment so that students can concentrate on their studies and personal growth conveniently and healthily. To best satisfy the requirements of the student’s learning and development, the school is always willing to listen to the views of parents and students.

With strong internal strength and a desire to be part of an integrated future, SISS is committed to helping students build the future with the school’s international standard educational programs.

We look forward to welcoming parents and students as part of the SISS community.

Best regards,
Board of Principals of SISS

Mission, Vision
& Core Values
Leadership Team
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