Learning Support

Learning Support at SISS is designed for students who have difficulty studying and seek help to support their homework or for those who can’t improve their scores because of their limitations in English proficiency.

SISS will provide students with Homework Tutoring, Peer Tutoring, Cross-Age Tutoring, and Teacher Tutoring to help students improve their results. The Academic Support Team will work closely with parents to ensure the improvement of students both in and out of the classroom.

Reading Program

At SISS, we build a multilingual library with thousands of books in English, Vietnamese, and other languages to encourage students to love reading. Library hours will be arranged with teachers for students in all years. Students will also not be limited to borrowing books from the library.

The purpose of the Reading Program is to nurture students’ passion for reading and their enthusiasm to look for information. The School promotes digital literacy, ethical awareness, and independent learning for students. They will be introduced to a variety of different literary topics when participating in the Reading Program. They can develop their information literacy skills through weekly classes or extra lessons (circle/guided reading, sharing) to support other learning projects throughout the year.

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