Our Difference


SISS’s goal is to empower students to unleash their hidden potential by giving them a well-planned international program and a positive sense of difference. SISS believes that only when we respect differences as well as discover and promote our uniqueness, we can build generations of students rich in creative thinking to fulfill the requirements of global citizens.


In addition to having extensive knowledge, SISS teachers also adhere to the strict standards set by the New South Wales program. The teachers at SISS appreciate and value each student's distinctions due to their exposure to a multicultural and multinational environment. SISS is always proud of teachers' dedication, enthusiasm, depth of global experience, and love.


International Education Program: The curriculum is based on the requirements of the New South Wales Education, guaranteeing that students have access to all international learning standards.

Professional Teachers: At SISS, each teacher is trained in accordance with the Australian Standards for Teachers. They work to encourage students to become active and creative learners.

“Well-being” Environment: SISS places particular emphasis on students’ spiritual wellbeing and provides them with a number of health and psychological counselors to assist them.

Diverse Program: SISS encourages students to take part in Field Trips, extracurricular activities, and competitions in addition to regular classes in order to learn and experience more.

Multicultural Environment: SISS students come from many different nationalities, which contributes to a global learning environment and helps them respect differences and have an open mind.

Modern Facilities: SISS creates an optimal learning and research environment to support students’ comprehensive development by investing in advanced facilities with numerous functional classrooms and a variety of learning equipment.

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