House System

Learn with Passion
Live with Purpose

Primary and Secondary students will improve their initiative in learning, sense of teamwork, and responsibilities as citizens through activities that adhere to the House System. Additionally, the House System engages and unites students of all grades, assisting them in adhering to the rules and actively participating in school activities, building a cohesive and powerful SISS community.

The House System at SISS represents 4 symbols based on Greek mythology:

House of APOLLO

Apollo, referred to as the Sun and Light, symbolizes truth, artistic beauty, medical knowledge, and intellectual strength. The House of Apollo is represented by the primary color orange, embodying harmony, order, and reason.

House of ATHENA

Represented by tranquil and versatile blue, Athena symbolizes intelligence and creativity. Members of the House of Athena embody their wisdom, intelligence, and determination.

House of ZEUS

Referred to as the Sky and Thunder, Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus in Greek mythology, symbolizes power, authority, and fairness. House of Zeus is represented by the distinctive color red and embodies its members with leadership qualities, determination, and insight.


Asclepius, a god of compassion and hidden wisdom, is represented by the primary color green. The House of Asclepius symbolizes empathy, sharing, and dedication in all activities.
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