Halloween Festival: Stay Spooky

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In order to bring students interesting activities to welcome this holiday, Sydney International School System will organize a Halloween Festival with the theme “Stay Spooky”. The School believes that by holding the “Stay Spooky” Halloween Festival, students will have a deeper understanding of the significance of the holiday and the customs that surround it. In addition, students will have more time to socialize and build relationships with students of all year levels, as well as unwind after long days of study sessions.


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Scary Tuesday: In response to “non-uniform day”, students are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes to school.

Scary Pumpkin Cup: Students decorate paper cups according to the Halloween theme.

Trick or Treats: Students use the cups that they make in the “Scary Pumpkin Cup” activities and visit classrooms to ask for sweet treats; this is an indispensable activity during the Halloween festival.

Halloween Bingo: Students participate in classroom games under the instruction of the teacher.

Stay Spooked with the Magical World at SISS Halloween Day

Jaguars from all year levels joined the lively and colorful “Stay Spooky” Halloween Festival, dressing up as unique characters and taking part in a variety of fascinating activities.

When the Jaguars took the cups they had previously decorated to go begging for candy in the classrooms, they vividly replicated “Trick or Treat,” an essential Halloween activity. The amusing pictures and bursts of laughter from the Jaguars participating in this activity have made the break hour even more thrilling

The students’ Halloween Bingo activity kept the fun going as they had to respond to questions about the teacher’s Halloween theme. Using the “play-based learning” approach, the activity also teaches students about this unique celebration.

Parents, let’s join the enchanted realm of Jaguars on Halloween!

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