Psychology Workshop: The Language of Emotions

10/11/2023 - 23/11/2023


SISS hopes that by attending the “Psychology Workshop: The Language of Emotions,” students will be able to recognize and comprehend their own emotions as well as the significance of each of them. Students will also learn that the only thing that is negative is improper behavior, and there are no negative emotions.


All students


Years 3 – 5: 15:10 – 16:10, Friday, 10/11/2023

Prep – Year 2: 10:00 – 11:00, Thursday, 16/11/2023

Secondary School: 15:30 – 16:30, Thursday, 23/11/2023

Psychology Workshops: The Language of Emotions

Accompanying Jaguars in their journey to nurture mental health, the November Psychology Workshop was held with the topic “The Language of Emotions” for Jaguars of all year levels.

A child’s soul is a colorful painting that represents their emotions. Children progressively learn that other colors are also combined to create the beauty of a painting, starting with the most fundamental hues. This is similar to their emotional world. Through experience and growth, they will learn to recognize and comprehend their own emotions and the importance of all of them.

SISS also wants students to come to that conclusion after taking part in this November’s “Psychology Workshop: The Language of Emotions.” With the guidance of Ms. Ha, the Psychology Teacher of the School, the students learned important knowledge about how to identify and name emotions. They also participated in some meaningful activities during the workshop to better understand the importance of them.

Every student experiences an object or event in a different way. For instance, the Prep – Year 2 Jaguars who attended the workshop “Psychology Topic: Emotional Language” on November 16th gave a variety of responses when asked if they liked durian. Knowing that will also enable students to recognize the unique characteristics of each individual, allowing them to act appropriately and with respect.

For Jaguars in Secondary School, it’s more crucial than ever to properly recognize and control their emotions. The reason for this is that mental crises brought on by both objective and subjective circumstances are highly prone to occur at this age. If they are unable to accurately identify them in order to make the necessary changes, these will very likely result in incorrect actions, which will eventually have an impact on their mental health.

In addition to the Psychology Workshops held monthly, teachers at SISS are also equipped with psychological education skills to listen, understand, and help students nurture their mental health.

In the New South Wales State Education Program being applied at SISS, education on mental health serves as the foundation for building a happy future, helping students overcome difficulties in their lives. The more students focus on managing their mental health, the more they can maintain a positive mindset and joy in life.

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