Spring Festival: “Yeu thuong ven tron”

43 Nguyen Thong, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC


As Spring approaches and Tet arrives, the classrooms at Sydney International School System are beautifully adorned with festive colors, bringing the spirit of Tet celebration to the common areas of SISS under the theme “Yeu thuong ven tron.”


All students


February 01, 2024: Spring Festival “Tet la chi”?

  • 09:15 – 11:30: Students participate in the following activities:
    • Station 1 – Hoai niem Tet xua: Folk games such as bamboo jumping, sack race, “nhay sap”, “to he”, and many more.
    • Station 2 – Tet gan ket: Team games centered around the theme of Tet.
    • Station 3 – Vui Tet sum vay: Fun activities such as lottery, making lucky money envelopes, and “Chung” cakes.

Note: Students are encouraged to wear traditional Vietnamese clothes that reflect the cultural traditions of Tet.


February 19, 2024: “Don Tet dieu ky – Khai xuan nhu y” Activity

  • Students participate in Tet activities such as writing calligraphy and taking photos to commemorate the beginning of the year.

Note: Students are encouraged to wear school uniforms.

The Spring Festival was full of laughter, happiness, and experiences

“I took a lot of pictures with my friends today!”
“This was my first time playing bingo; I felt so happy!”
“I like to play bamboo jumping!”
“I will take the “to he” home and give it to my sister!”

Returning from the Spring Festival 2024, Jaguars could not hide their joy and excitement as they experienced many memorable moments with their teachers and friends in a place filled with traditional Tet festivities.

If folk games such as bamboo jumping, and mandarin square capturing, brought Jaguars back to the old days of Tet, guessing the items and sack race helped students improve their team spirit. If the bingo game and musical performances made the whole hall’s atmosphere explode, activities such as making “to he,” “Chung” cake, and lucky money envelopes helped the students have moments of relaxation.

Whether dressed in traditional Tet clothes or modern fashion, the Jaguars all harmonized in unison towards promoting the good traditional values of the nation during the Lunar New Year.

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