Christmas Festival: Jingle All the Way to SISS

December 23, 2023

Jaguars’ first Christmas under the common roof of SISS ended with a series of memorable experiences and moments, with the Christmas Festival “Jingle All the Way to SISS” taking place from December 11 to December 22, 2023.

In the cold weather of December, everyone is rushing to decorate the Christmas tree with shimmering baubles, bright red and yellow bows, or colorful large and small stars. People around the world always look forward to the year-end festival because it is the time when we welcome Christmas, long trips to relax, and reunions with relatives and friends.

Students at Sydney International School System are no exception. Studying diligently and spending a lot of time preparing for an important final exam was crucial, but our Jaguars still demonstrated the spirit of “play hard, study hard” when actively participating in activities during the Christmas Festival, “Jingle All the Way to SISS.”

Opening with the activity “Believe in Santa” – writing a handwritten letter to Santa Claus – to express their wishes and desires this Christmas. Young Jaguars also use their artistic talents to make the cards vivid and colorful. In the world of children, Santa Claus is a legendary character known for his trademark smile, a warm red and white uniform, a long white beard, and a bag full of gifts. The same image was recreated when Santa Claus appeared in classrooms and on students’ Field Trips to deliver the gifts they wished for in the “Believe in Santa” activity.

An activity that cannot be ignored – the Christmas Fair “Jingle All the Way to SISS” – takes place on the morning of December 14 with the participation of Jaguars from all year levels. At the Fair, Jaguars together stirred up the atmosphere by participating in vibrant musical “parties” and actively supporting fundraising booths to share love during Christmas with H’Mong students in the highlands of Yen Bai Province. The Fair raised a total of 22,435,000 VND. All the proceeds will be donated to the “Build A Better Tomorrow” Community Fund to implement the main project, “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow.”

Not only that, Jaguars also continued to enter the world filled with colors, where they had numerous new experiences:

  • Tried to become a pastry chef with the Christmas-themed cupcake decorating activity. With their creativity, they applied the icing technique to shape a cupcake into a snowman, Christmas tree, or Santa hat.
  • Made a Christmas tree from velvet zinc. In this challenging task, the Jaguars had to apply patience and meticulousness to be able to make their pine tree.
  • Painted a colorful Christmas world with their painting skills. The little Jaguars proved that their imaginations are limitless by showing that Santa Claus can wear colorful clothes, the bell can be blue, and so on.

In particular, Jaguars of all year levels also boarded Santa’s reindeer to go to Fanpekka – for Prep, Year 1, 2, and 3 students – and Saigon Snow Town – for Year 5, 6, and 7 students – on December 21 and 22, respectively. There, the students immersed themselves in the magical land of white snow and participated in many activities to help them relax after the exam period.

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Closing 2023 with many memorable experiences, our Jaguars will continue their journey in 2024, filled with many opportunities ahead.

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