Highlights of May

May 30, 2024

Stepping to the last days of the academic year 2023 – 2024, the Jaguars have had a blooming month of excitement with a series of activities that are multi-experiential, colorful, and filled with joy.

Fundraising Booths

One of the activities that received enthusiastic participation from students, teachers, and parents was the community fundraising booths. The Jaguars’ booths were incredibly diverse, ranging from food and drink stalls to booths selling handmade products and paintings, which were cherished creations made by students throughout the academic year.

The colorful booths aimed to garner parental support and raise funds for the “Build A Better Tomorrow” Community Fund to carry out the “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow” project.

After 4 days of vibrant activities, the Jaguars successfully raised a total of 10,060,000 VND, bringing the total contribution of 51,745,000 VND to the “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow” project for the academic year 2023 – 2024.

The fundraising booth activities aimed to promote noble goals by spreading positive values and elevating the quality of students’ creative works.

Science Experiments

The SISS laboratory became more lively in the final days of the academic year as Jaguars engaged in experiments to conquer the magical world of science.

While Prep students got to experience the colorful magic milk experiment, the older students worked on making useful products such as solid perfumes and scented candles.

These hands-on activities, combined with the application of scientific knowledge, not only provided Jaguars with excitement but also inspired them to explore new and fascinating experiments.

Field Trip

This May, the Field Trip took Secondary Jaguars on a journey through different historical periods of the Vietnamese people as they visited the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History.

The Field Trip offered students an incredibly visual and auditory learning experience, with exhibits designed around specific themes and styles, complemented by detailed and engaging commentary from the docents.

This trip brought a change to the students’ learning environment, providing a creative learning method and allowing them to approach, understand, appreciate, and preserve community values. It was also an opportunity for students to enhance their communication and behavior skills in environments outside of the school.

Psychology Seminars and Life Skills Classes

Before starting a long vacation, the Jaguars participated in seminars to develop and enhance essential soft skills.

In this special event, students have engaged in valuable psychology seminars on humility and effective saving. The life skills lessons are diverse and practical, ranging from effective communication and personal emotion management to peacefully and tactfully resolving conflicts.

They were also trained in additional soft skills to handle emergency situations, including medical first aid, emergency evacuation procedures, and seeking assistance.

The training is delivered in a clear and direct manner, combined with specific scenarios to help students visualize and react naturally, calmly, and timely.

Furthermore, creative classes, physical activities, minigames, and various other engaging activities were organized during the Parents – Teacher Conference, offering Jaguars a well-rounded experience to enhance their knowledge, physical development, and enjoyment.

The School hopes that the activities in May have concluded a fulfilling academic year at SISS, helping Jaguars prepare knowledge, mental and physical health before stepping into a new academic year.

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