Field Trip: Explore the Winter World with Jaguars

December 24, 2023

On December 21 and 22, Jaguars from all year levels had two memorable Field Trips to enjoy the Christmas Festival and relax after the stressful end-of-semester exams.

Field Trips are one of the key activities of the international education program in general and Sydney International School System in particular. Each experience that students “harvest” after each Field Trip will be an important “luggage” to help them become confident individuals, ready to engage with the surrounding environment and master their knowledge, skills, and emotions.

This December, in response to the activities in the Christmas Festival “Jingle All the Way to SISS”, Jaguars from all year levels joined the Field Trips to explore the magical winter world. While the Jaguars from Prep to Year 3 boarded the reindeer ride to the winter village of Fanpekka, the Jaguars from Years 5, 6, and 7 went to the white snowland of Saigon Snow Town.

On the morning of December 21, the bus filled with Jaguars from Prep to Year 3 drove to Fanpekka, located at AEON Mall Tan Phu. Fanpekka is built like a winter village in Finland. The recreational activities offered here are highly educational as they encourage children to develop 5 important abilities: creativity, connection, communication, decision-making, and conversation. Therefore, the Field Trip to Fanpekka is not only a trip to help young Jaguars release their energies after days of hard study but also an opportunity for them to improve their life skills.

Here, the students were extremely excited to participate in activities such as: dancing to the music with the little demon Tonttu in Lasten Linna castle, conquering the vast ocean of balls, challenging themselves with adventure games, playing out career-related roles, or unleashing their creativity in the Leikkinokki house assembly activity. At the end of the trip, students had a chance to say goodbye and take pictures with lovely friends in Fanpekka village, including Tonttu, Tontty, Titto, and Rolly.

The next day, Jaguars of Years 5, 6, and 7 went to Saigon Snow Town, located at 125 Dong Van Cong, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, HCMC. Their friendships became even closer as they immersed themselves in the snowy land of Saigon Snow Town. It seemed that all the fatigue from the pressures of final exams had been dispelled when the students enjoyed the fun of skiing, throwing snow, making snowmen, or finding Santa Claus.

To praise their hard-working spirit, Santa Claus also surprisingly appeared and gave the gifts that the children wrote in the “Believe in Santa” activity. The radiant smiles of the Jaguars while holding their special gifts in their hands helped dispel the coldness of the amusement park.

The end of the Field Trip series was also the time when teachers and students at SISS will enter the winter break. Hopefully, this has served as a moment where students can renew their spirits and recharge their energy to keep working hard on their studies in the new year.

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