Creative Arts Stimulates Students’ Artistic Inspiration

April 05, 2024

In the Creative Arts learning area of the New South Wales program, SISS students have honed their skills in subjects such as Music, Dance, Drama, and Visual Arts.

Accordingly, for each stage, students will be allowed to access many different types of art through which they can develop skills, knowledge, and understanding and, at the same time, improve their artistic appreciation ability.

Creative Arts: Dance

For Dance, students will learn how to:

  • Create, perform, and appreciate art through dance activities.
  • Appreciate the meaning and value that the subject brings in many different aspects.

When studying Dance, students will develop effectively in 3 aspects:

  • Performing: Students know how to express expressions, perform professionally, and utilize their senses to interpret ideas and communicate through dance.
  • Composing: Students develop an understanding of context, movement, sound, and physicality to create appropriate and personal movements.
  • Appreciating: Students have the opportunity to analyze, evaluate, and reflect on dance based on personal, cultural, and artistic aspects.

Creative Arts: Drama

In this exciting subject, students will make, perform, and appreciate different roles, settings, elements, and dramatic forms, specifically:

  • Making: Students develop skills such as playwriting and role-playing in different situations. This involves using elements of dramatic tension, contrast, symbol, time, space, focus, and mood to apply in various dramatic forms.
  • Performing: Students have the opportunity to practice their skills in class and on large and small stages organized by the School. For example, in the event “Happy 100 Days of School, Jaguars!”, Year 3 students performed the musical Encanto, and in the School Year Exhibition, the Jaguars performed the impressive musical WISH.
  • Appreciating: Students will have the opportunity to examine dramatic productions live and simultaneously, comment, respond, and evaluate the skills of their classmates.

Creative Arts: Music

Music involves training students in essential skills such as performance, sound organization, and perception through the concepts of duration, pitch, intensity, color, and structure. Specifically, students will learn and hone skills such as:

  • Performing: Students develop an understanding of musical concepts through singing, playing, and moving.
  • Organizing Sound: Students learn about the process of composing and arranging music through a series of activities such as improvising, experimenting, imitating, and learning notation.
  • Listening: Students understand how audiences interact with music and how to distinguish presences and types of sounds through knowledge of musical concepts.

Besides, Jaguars also learn more about musical instruments and how to use them, such as drums, piano, or ukulele. In public performances, Jaguars are also allowed to demonstrate their skills in using musical instruments professionally.

Creative Arts: Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a required subject for most year levels, helping students develop a deep understanding of artists and different perspectives on visual arts. Students also practice using a variety of materials and techniques. In addition to painting on traditional materials, Jaguars also practice on digital media, specifically the famous Canva platform.

For this subject, students will:

  • Explore the conventions of artistic creativity when creating, developing, and analyzing works of art.
  • Create meaningful and personal artistic works through an understanding of concepts.
  • Learn about a variety of topics and ideas through visual arts.
  • Apply artistic techniques, concepts, and processes to elaborate meaning in works of art.
  • Use a variety of techniques through the exploration of subject matter with an ever-increasing awareness of the art world.

Creative Arts is one of the core learning areas of the New South Wales program that is being applied exclusively at SISS. The higher the level of education, the more Jaguars can expand their understanding of art and have access to a variety of artistic forms. Thereby, they will become individuals with the ability to perceive art harmoniously and have a deep understanding of art.

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