Highlights of March

March 29, 2024

March opened up a source of positive and abundant energy for Jaguars of all year levels as they engaged in outstanding activities such as celebrating International Women’s Day, International Day of Happiness, and Well-being Workshops.

The SISS academic community together spent a brilliant month of March with remarkable activities, contributing to enriching the experiences of Jaguars during their beautiful student years.

International Women’s Day “Shine on Her Glow”

Hundreds of flowers blooming around cannot compare to the beauty of women, and with their knowledge, strength, and bravery, they have contributed to creating a happy, fair, and developed world. On this occasion, not only did they make beautiful handmade greeting cards, but they also learned about famous and influential women in the world.

At the House Presentation Competition with the theme “Her Words, Our Inspiration: Celebrating Women Who Inspire Us,” Le Duong Hoang Kim from Year 3 and Bui Linh San from Year 2 confidently delivered attractive presentations about women. Displaying stage mastery skills and presenting impressive ideas, Jaguars delivered confident and insightful presentations about famous female figures, thereby partly proving their deep understanding and sharp awareness of the role of women.

The School Round of TEDxSISS Youth 2024

Gathering 27 talented Jaguars from all year levels, the School Round of TEDxSISS Youth 2024 took place successfully and brought impressive presentations. At the contest, Jaguars shared perspectives on issues we often encounter in life such as finding passion, climate change, and groundbreaking ideas to help the world become a better place. From the “youngest” of Prep to the seniors of the Secondary School, they performed very well and demonstrated the bravery of Jaguars.

At the end of the School Round, the contest has found 10 names that will officially participate in the Final Round taking place on March 30, 2024. Coming to the Final Round, students will improve their presentations from the Qualifying Round by expanding their ideas, adding persuasive arguments, and optimizing their presentation. In particular, this round will be witnessed by Jaguars’ Parents, relatives, and friends.

March Well-being Workshops

Coming to the March Well-being Workshops, young Jaguars learned together about the topic “Tolerance and Compassion.” Guided by the School’s psychologist, the children engaged in intriguing activities related to these themes. The short films presented by the teacher allowed the children to connect with the beautiful emotions of empathy, tolerance, and compassion. Concluding the workshop, the Jaguars gained valuable knowledge and experiences related to these virtuous qualities, continuing confidently on their journey to become “little angels,” spreading love and positive emotions to everyone.

Students in the remaining year levels participated in the Well-being Workshop with the topic “Time Management Skills and Stress Relief in Learning.” Participants had the opportunity to share their timetables with friends, discussing how they utilize their daily schedules. Subsequently, a psychology teacher guided them in scientifically rearranging daily activities, prioritizing important and urgent tasks over less significant ones. Moreover, during this session, Jaguars had the chance to open up and share their recent challenges and pressures. In a friendly and supportive environment, students were able to “unload” their burdens and receive advice from the teacher.

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