Jaguars Actively Participated in Book Week

October 28, 2023

From October 23rd to 27th, 2023, Jaguars from all year levels participated in many meaningful activities to respond to the reading habits and spread the reading culture to everyone around them.

Stephen King once said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Books do, in fact, lead us into a magical world where the fantasies, creativity, and imaginations of mankind surpass time and space. Books may also be our “friends” who can accompany us anytime and anywhere.

To help students understand more about the wonderful benefits of books, SISS has organized Book Week with the theme “Read – Grow – Inspire” with numerous activities from October 23rd to 27th, 2023. Learning and developing in an environment rich in the spirit of learning and discovery, Jaguars have also actively participated in activities in the recent Book Week series. Here, the Secondary School Jaguars gained knowledge about the procedures involved in publishing a book and the typical roles held by publishers. The students also did a fantastic job using their expertise to respond to the speaker’s inquiries on details pertaining to the book publishing industry. As for the Primary School Jaguars, students had wonderful conversations with the speaker on inquiries concerning the realm of fairy tales, Vietnamese folklore, and even childhood-associated cartoon characters spanning several generations.

Throughout the week, students were encouraged to bring books to school to fill the shelves as well as share with their classmates about the books they love. During Reading Circle sessions, some students showed their confidence when reading and introducing the books they brought to school. To promote reading habits, the School also launched the Bookworm activity. Accordingly, the Homeroom Teacher compiled the number of books the students read during the week. Based on that data, the School selected the student who read the most books in class to receive the prize.

Besides, there were several activities, such as Bookmark Decoration for Primary School students, Author’s Standee Design and Story Ending Creation for Secondary School students. In particular, the School also found the “owners” of awards for two activities: Bookmark Decoration and Story-Ending Creation. In addition, the products of the Secondary Jaguars in the Author’s Standee Design activity will be displayed at major school events.

Ending the series of activities during Book Week, Jaguars took part in Dress-up Day and gave presentations about the characters they transformed into. Also following the conclusion of Dress-up Day, the students had the opportunity to look back at their memorable moments as well as those of other Jaguars throughout the activities. Those lovely images will serve as a motivation for them to actively read books to explore the vast world that books bring.

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