Welcome Spring, Looking Forward to a Breakthrough School Year

February 20, 2024

Each experience of Jaguars in the first days of the new year will serve as vibrant colors, painting a unique picture filled with personal impressions in 2024.

Among them, the activities in the Spring Festival “Full of Love” will certainly be the most prominent colors, bringing students unforgettable memories with teachers and friends at their beloved school, SISS.

On February 1, 2024, Jaguars from all year levels gathered at the 43 Nguyen Thong Campus to share the joy in the exciting and meaningful activities of the Spring Festival. Amid the traditional Tet festivities, Jaguars excitedly participated in games such as guessing the items, sack race, bingo, or workshops such as making lucky money envelopes, “Chung” cake, etc. The festivities became even more dazzling when Jaguars and teachers wore traditional Ao Dai and modern-styled outfits. Playing together, singing vibrant Spring songs, eating delicious dishes, and returning from the Spring Festival, the Jaguars couldn’t hide their joy and excitement as they kept many unforgettable memories together.

Not only that, after the Tet break, Jaguars officially returned to school on February 19, 2024, and continued to participate in activities of the 2024 Spring Festival. Bright smiles, handshakes with friends, and the familiar sound of lectures created a cozy and very familiar scene on the day the Jaguars returned to their beloved school. Not only did they take lovely, adorable photos together, but Jaguars also learned about the art of calligraphy and began a new year writing with meticulously handwritten calligraphy. This will also be a meaningful spring gift that Jaguars will give to their loved ones.

Spring is the ideal time for us to set goals and plans for the new year together. The bustling atmosphere of Spring tends to give us the strength to aim for great things and push ourselves to new limits. For the teachers and students at SISS, this is also the time to launch promising projects and activities for the remaining months of the first academic year 2023 – 2024. Students, remember to study hard and experience every moment to the fullest to create a brilliant 2024 together like fearless dragons who bravely face challenges to reach new horizons.

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