Leading up to the School Year Exhibition 2023 – 2024

March 29, 2024

In just a few days, the School Year Exhibition “Jaguars: The World Changers” will take place, and Jaguars of all year levels are gradually completing preparations to welcome Parents to this prestigious event.

The first academic year with the theme “Education for a Changing World” of the SISS academic community is entering its final months. This is also the period when teachers and students at SISS are busy preparing for the School Year Exhibition “Jaguars: The World Changers” event. This is an opportunity for students to welcome their families as they observe their academic projects and admire the art performances that they have diligently prepared throughout this academic year.

Linh San – Year 2 Jaguar – is one of the “voices” involved in many outstanding music video projects of SISS, typically the Tet MV “Tet la day chu dau”, produced at the beginning of the new year 2024. Linh San shared a love for music and enthusiastic participation in Creative Arts class: “I have engaged in many musical performances during the academic year, but when I learned that I would perform at the School Year Exhibition, I felt very nervous. During practice, I encountered many difficult movements, but with the guidance of the teachers, my friends and I mastered them well together. Everyone, please come enjoy and cheer us on!”

Although the Year 6 students’ schedule in the last days of the academic year became busier, Linh Dan still maintained her optimism despite her concern with schoolwork and preparing for the art performance. She said, “Even though we were tired, we overcame difficulties together and tried to bring the most beautiful play. Participating in preparing for the Exhibition helps me learn many skills and become more mature. I feel like I became bolder and more confident in front of crowds, and our classmates love and understand each other better.”

Sharing the same emotions with the teachers and other students, The Minh – Year 5 Jaguar – also expressed, “During the project, I experienced so many emotions – excitement, joy, sadness, and even unnamed emotions. Through implementing the project, I have acquired some useful knowledge such as the germination stage of seeds and how to measure and shape objects. Besides, the most valuable thing is the teamwork spirit of the whole class. We have assigned appropriate tasks to each small group and the results of each group will be combined to create the final academic product. Through that, we became more connected and understood each other better. Although we often argue, each of us has learned to give in and explain clearly to come up with a solution together. It can be said that implementing the project with the Year 5A is a memorable memory in my student life.”

To close a successful academic year, all members of the SISS community are working together to create great things and the most memorable experiences at the School Year Exhibition 2023 – 2024. Parents, please wait for Jaguars projects! Certainly, your participation in the evaluation process of projects at the Exhibition will be the most motivating source and “point system” for Jaguars.

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