27 “Speakers” Shone at the School Round of TEDxSISS Youth 2024

March 20, 2024

On March 14, 2024, with the participation of 27 Jaguars from all year levels, the School Round of TEDxSISS Youth 2024 brought impressive presentations that were carefully invested and prepared.

Being young people with many innovative and creative ideas and extensive knowledge in many fields, the Jaguars delivered impressive presentations with multidimensional perspectives on the following three topics:

  • Journey to Discovering Passion and Talents
  • Building a Better World: Youth as Changemakers
  • Climate Action Now: Youth Leading the Way

After the competition, every “speaker” appeared excited and confident as they stood on stage, proving the result of their dedicated efforts in researching the topic, preparing presentations, practicing public speaking, and, above all, overcoming their boundaries.

Le Duong Hoang Kim – Year 3 Jaguar – had an excellent performance in the School Round and won a ticket to the Final Round taking place on March 30, 2024. She shared, “I decided to participate in TEDxSISS Youth 2024 because I’m passionate about presenting on stage. Among the three topics, I chose “Building a Better World: Youth as Changemakers” because I want to change the world into a better place. Not everything went as I had thought. Not only Primary School students joined in, but there were also Secondary School students participating. When I was on stage, I felt a little nervous, but after I finished my presentation, I felt much better. I believe that this competition is not about winning; it is about sharing ideas with others. To me, every challenge doesn’t necessarily reflect failure but rather a stepping stone towards my higher goals. Whether it was two years ago at a dance competition or now as a speaker at this competition, I always believe that life is a continuous learning journey.”

As for Dien Phong from Year 6A, he shared, “I chose the topic “Climate Action Now: Youth Leading the Way” because for me in particular and everyone on Earth in general, global warming remains an unsolvable problem. When I stood on a big stage like TEDxSISS Youth, I felt very nervous. After completing the presentation, I thought that regardless of the results, I would be relieved, satisfied, and very happy to have been part of this year’s competition. Coming to the contest, my aim was to challenge myself, engage in friendly competition with my peers, and propagate meaningful messages to help people raise awareness about tree planting and forest creation.”

At the final stage of the competition, although only 10 students with the most impressive presentations were selected for the Final Round, each Jaguar put forth their utmost effort to deliver thoughtful and invested presentations. As Hoang Kim also shared “TEDxSISS Youth is not about winning prizes; it is about sharing ideas that resonate with everyone around.”

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