Build a Healthy Friendship by Helping Each Other

December 20, 2023

Friendship is one of the special shelters for every individual. For Linh Dan and Minh Thu – Year 6 Jaguars – their friendship is built on mutual support in study and life.

In any situation, friendship always brings stories that make people feel loved, confident, and have more faith in life. From two strangers, they have shared common interests, common concerns, and even the joys and sorrows in life. Over the years, the bond between the two becomes stronger and develops into friendship.

The friendship of school-aged girls and boys is also a story of innocence, purity, and inspiration. Besides being friends studying in the same class, they also share, learn, and help each other improve day by day. The friendship story of Linh Dan and Minh Thu, two Jaguars from Year 6, is also inspiring, as they always help each other in their studies and daily lives.

The two started talking to each other during a Music lesson earlier this academic year. At that time, Minh Thu did not know where the pencil was placed in the classroom, so Linh Dan helped her, and that was the beginning of their relationship. Gradually, their friendship grew, and they began to assist each other with assignments in class and at home.

Both always encourage and motivate each other to work harder in their studies. One time, Linh Dan was lent a shirt by Minh Thu to wear for her performance, after which she cooked noodles to thank her friend. Their friendship continues to grow stronger and stronger, thanks to their mutual support and help.

Just like any other relationship, friendship between two people can cause conflicts. Linh Dan said that there was a moment when both of them were upset with each other for some reason, but the next day, they both talked normally again and ignored what happened before. They continue to be companions together.

The story of Linh Dan and Minh Thu is one of those beautiful friendships at Sydney International School System – a school that cares, helps, and shares as its core to nurture students. SISS recognizes the power of compassion and empathy. In many ways, SISS encourages students to always know how to help their friends and those around them, as this is a positive trait that helps people build healthy relationships.

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