How We Stir Up the School Spirit through Spirit Days

December 17, 2023

Through the Spirit Days, the SISS community came together to respond and spread meaningful messages and humane traditional values.

Throughout the academic year, Sydney International School System strives to combine many activities within the curriculum so that students can enhance their experiences and nurture progressive and humane values.

Peace Day, World Kindness Day, Human Rights Day, and World Animal Welfare Day were all notable Spirit Days and have received positive responses from teachers and students at SISS. On these days, students participated in activities together, such as wearing themed outfits to school, writing handwritten letters to express their wishes and aspirations, and carrying out their own academic and meaningful community projects.

Improving Themselves

It was apparent that the “trophy” students gained from participating in Spirit Days was the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop many important soft skills. Students will learn about the origins and reasons why these days are celebrated by people around the world. For example, during World Human Rights Day held last December, Jaguars of all year levels learned valuable knowledge about human rights and children’s rights.

Connecting the SISS Family

Memories with friends in class or at school have always helped students nurture their spirits. Psychology Professor Catherine Bagwell once said, making friends is “the job of childhood and adolescence.” Therefore, creating opportunities for students to meet and interact with many new friends is also extremely important. Spirit Days is an opportunity for students to have the chance to bond with members of the SISS family – those studying in the same or different year levels.

Promote Awareness of Personal Identity

SISS’s Spirit Days are “non-uniform days,” and by doing so, students can raise awareness of a learning environment that respects differences. They will understand that each of us has different interests and personalities. We are unique individuals who contribute to the diversity of the world in which we live, enjoy, and develop.

Enhance Community Values

On Peace Day, students together wore blue clothing – the color of hope and freedom – to school. For each shirt, the student contributed 10,000 VND to the “Build A Better Tomorrow” Community Fund. All proceeds from the Community Fund in the academic year 2023 – 2024 will be used to implement the main project “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow” to help people in the highlands of Yen Bai Province have a better life.

Step by step, SISS Spirit Days will carry out its noble mission to not only help students become responsible individuals but also join hands in building a civilized, happy, and prosperous society.

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