Responsibility: One of the most important Core Values of SISS

September 20, 2023

At SISS, we encourage each individual to be willing to take responsibility for themselves, while linking their own responsibility to community responsibility.

With the advancement of science and society, building a community and society with a strong sense of responsibility is seen as an inevitable role for each individual. In order to provide students with a profound foundation as they grow up, families and schools have to work together to nurture them. In particular, the School’s mission is to help students comprehend their responsibility clearly and to guide them in choosing the appropriate behaviors to reflect their character.

That is also why responsibility was included as one of the fundamental and essential values for both teachers and students in the Sydney International School System’s program.

The Board of Principals, as captain of the SISS, plays a major role in establishing educational orientations and goals as well as guaranteeing the quality and consistency of educational initiatives carried out at schools. The Board of Principals is also accountable for providing seamless communication with the parent community, overcoming obstacles, and continuously enhancing the standard of comprehensive education.

Regarding the teaching staff, in addition to having the duty to develop students into the best versions of themselves through their teaching capacity and expertise, teachers also make sure to continuously enhance their pedagogical knowledge and keep up with educational innovations, particularly those in international education, in order to provide students with cutting-edge learning experiences. Furthermore, SISS places a high priority on students’ mental health; thus, teachers must monitor their daily activities, provide a positive learning environment, and help students overcome their personal difficulties.

Through a variety of activities, students have the chance to demonstrate their sense of duty towards the SISS community in particular and society in general. These activities include fostering the spirit of cooperation in the classroom, assisting those in need through community programs, and engaging in House System activities. Students at SISS are urged to live responsibly, not just towards their community but also towards themselves. By receiving an education in New South Wales, students will learn how to enhance their own academic skills and consistently boost their confidence through big and small events and competitions. Students will also learn how to use technology responsibly so they don’t go beyond and harm other people or their communities.

The SISS community will work tirelessly to promote the spirit of responsibility among individuals, thereby creating a civilized, advanced, and ethical society.

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