What is Tet for Jaguars?

February 17, 2024

Returning to school after a long vacation, Jaguars shared their memorable moments with family, relatives, and friends during the beginning of Year of the Dragon 2024.

Every Tet and Spring season, we have the opportunity to gather with our loved ones to welcome the blessings of the new year. In Spring, everything blooms, and people are busy decorating their houses and shops. For school-aged girls and boys, Tet is the occasion that they most eagerly look forward to of the year.

Nguyen Linh Dan – Year 5A Jaguar – shared: “Tet is a warm, joyful, and happy holiday with relatives and family. I have experienced many interesting and meaningful activities, such as taking photos, visiting to give New Year’s greetings to relatives and friends, going around, and attending many unique festivals. During the significant moment of New Year’s Eve, I’m hoping to get better at my studies and discover many interesting things, and most of all, I hope that my family will always be peaceful, happy, and joyful.”

As for Phuong Vy – Year 6A Jaguar – Tet is a time to meet people she hasn’t seen in a long time, “Gathering together to eat, drink, chat and indulge in laughter while playing Tet games made me feel very happy. I also received colorful lucky money envelopes during Tet. In this new year, I hope good things will come to my family and me.”

Tet is also an opportunity for us to take advantage of vacation time to participate in trips with loved ones. Phuong Vy also shared that she had an exciting visit to Da Lat with her family. Enjoying the chilly atmosphere, admiring the dreamy natural beauty, and eating the typical dishes of Da Lat helped her have a memorable trip.

On the last day of school break, like many other Jaguars, Linh Dan had prepared her books, school supplies, and uniforms in advance, ready for her return to school. On the day she returned to school, she couldn’t hide her joy at seeing her teachers and friends again. “We told each other the wonderful things we experienced during the Tet holiday, like making “banh chung” and “banh tet,” participating in fairs, taking photos, traveling, etc. I also shared with them the joy of immersing myself in the cheerful, bustling, and jubilant atmosphere of Tet.”

At SISS, students are not only trained in international thinking based on the New South Wales program but are also fostered in traditional national values. For Linh Dan, “Tet is an extremely special and meaningful occasion, demonstrating the cultural beauty of the nation and helping family members and relatives foster positive relationships with each other. Therefore, I hope that the Vietnamese traditional Tet will always be preserved and passed down forever.”

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