Jaguars’ First 100 Days of School

November 23, 2023

How does Tran Minh Vien Bach, Jaguar from Year 7A and also the representative of the student in the celebration of “Happy 100 Days of School, Jaguars!”, feel about the journey of the first 100 days of school at SISS?

American President Joe Biden experienced the 100 days of his first presidential term on April 28th, 2021, and the Australian Prime Minister also celebrated his first 100 days running the country on August 29th, 2022. For us, SISS students, November 24th, 2023, is a remarkable milestone for our first 100 days at school.

Our 100 days passed in the blink of an eye. Not far from the beginning of school days when we all were bewildered by everything: new teachers and new friends.

However, after over 3 months as school newbies, we have become diligent and dynamic bumblebees in studying and taking part in activities as well.

For the past 100 days, we have had incredible opportunities to study and apply the English language in subjects such as English, Maths, and Science. Also, we are able to indulge ourselves in lectures in the Vietnamese program.

The past 100 days have been a time of hardship, filled with both our sweat in our studies and the difficulties of all teachers teaching us unconditionally.

Of course, during the past 100 days, our faces have been full of bursting laughter when participating in energetic extracurricular activities such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, House Sports Day, and other School Spirit Days.

Last but not least, for the past 100 days, we have all been energized with fresh, nutritious, and tasty meals with high Food Safety Standards which even are the “culprit” making us gain more… weight.

On the occasion of celebrating the first 100 days of school at SISS, on behalf of the Jaguars, I would like to send my sincere gratitude to the teachers on the Board of Principals, Homeroom Teachers, Subject Teachers, and other Teachers who have assisted SISS in operation.

Jaguars, let’s look forward to the next 100 days together and always keep the spirit to overcome all our limits.

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