Jaguar’s memorable first Mid-Autumn Festival

September 29, 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival “SISS – Under the Moonlight” concluded on September 28th & 29th, 2023, with Primary and Secondary Jaguars showing some of their most adorable moments.

The emotions and excitement of the Jaguars during two days of camping and classroom activities in the Mid-Autumn Festival “SISS – Under the Moonlight” can be summed up in three words: exciting, enjoyable, and memorable. This is the festival of reunion, and on this unique occasion, “reunion” is an essential part of the SISS big family. At the Vietgangz Glamping Club campsite in Thu Duc City, students from all year levels came to take part in customary activities and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

Members of the House System formed groups at the campsite to take part in games and activities including tug-of-war, treasure hunts, decoding, etc. The students’ enthusiasm made the campground enjoyable and full of laughter. Students also met Ms. Hang and Mr. Cuoi in the evening and admired “eye-catching” fashion shows, musical performances, and lion dances. Students participated in essential holiday activities like eating mooncakes, carrying lanterns, and preparing feasts.

Returning home and feeling “tired but happy” after a long day, they must have had a decent night’s sleep since on the next day, September 29th, they were excited to continue the Mid-Autumn Festival activities in class. Along with enthusiastically participating in Mid-Autumn Festival decoration activities, they also had some peaceful moments by watching the exciting and sentimental movie “Over the Moon” together.

All of the Jaguars are attending their first Mid-Autumn Festival at SISS, but they are not concerned about interacting with Jaguars from other year levels. The students actively got to know and supported one another through game-related challenges, and joyfully shared moments in the season’s golden moonlight. That is also SISS’s sense of pride and conviction in a warm, cordial, and connected academic community.

The School also hopes that Jaguars may gain a greater understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival’s history, significance, and essential traditional practices through this event. As you continue on your quest for education, please maintain the sense of community and joy that helped make SISS so special.

Now let’s look back at those priceless moments in the photos captured by the School! Parents, don’t forget to download and keep other pictures of students published on the Parent Portal.

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