Highlights of April

April 27, 2024

The sunshine of April was just as bright as the Jaguars’ laughter during the meaningful events that took place in SISS, from the TEDx SISS Youth 2024 and Field Trip to the joyful Earth Week.

In April, the academic community at SISS had enriching learning experiences, from presentation arena to outdoor practical activities.

TEDx SISS Youth 2024 Final Round

After more than a month of intense competition, the TEDx SISS Youth 2024 reached its climax with the Final Round held on March 30, 2024, which was attended by a large number of parents.

The top 10 outstanding “speakers” delivered polished and profound presentations in the Final Round, captivating both the judges and the audience with fresh perspectives and compelling arguments.

In addition to demonstrating knowledge, during the Final Round, the Jaguars also showcased their competent public speaking skills through a confident manner, eloquent delivery, well-structured, concise presentation, and meaningful information.

TEDx SISS Youth 2024 not only provided an academic platform for students passionate about public speaking but also opened up opportunities for Jaguars to experience the joy of competition and conquer intellectual summits.

The journey of TEDx SISS Youth 2024 concludes here, looking forward to meeting talented Jaguars in the next season.

Memorable Field Trip to the World Farm

The Field Trip in April brought Jaguars to the World Farm.

The exploration journey of Jaguars at the World Farm was extremely diverse and rich, combining physical health-enhancing activities with knowledge exploration through direct practice.

Physical activities were conducted in the form of traditional and modern games, allowing students to develop their teamwork skills. The students enthusiastically participated while having fun together.

In addition to physical activities, Jaguars also gained skills and learned about the process of making stone lotus and essential oil extraction, as well as making popcorn and other activities at the traditional craft villages. Integrated with the experiential visit were practical experiences on baking and Easter egg decoration to celebrate Easter Day.

Earth Week Brimmed with Joy

April’s Spirit Week at SISS is dedicated to spreading messages of love for our planet and protecting our environment with the theme “Earth Week: Embracing Our Green Planet.”

On April 22 and 24, the SISS Jaguars appeared to be lost in the Amazon rainforest, with students dressed in green outfits.

During the event, Jaguars also learned about urgent environmental issues and the Earth, thereby contributing to protecting the greenery of the ecosystem and learning to love nature properly.

Spirit Week has always been an eagerly awaited activity at SISS, as students actively engage with contemporary issues through gentle and interesting approaches. The activities have not only raised students’ awareness of global issues but have also provided opportunities for them to find joy in learning and deepen bonds with friends, teachers, and the community.

SISS hopes that the beneficial activities in April have provided motivation for learning as well as the necessary knowledge for Jaguars to prepare for the important exams at the end of Semester II.

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