SISS Completed a Remarkable Academic Year

May 27, 2024

The Graduation and Closing Ceremony of the academic year 2023 – 2024 took place on May 24, officially finishing the page of their first journey of conquering SISS’s happy education.

In the solemn space of the Saigon Opera House, all the teachers, staff, parents, and students of SISS shared the proud moments of the Graduation and Closing Ceremony of the academic year 2023 – 2024.

The ceremony began with a summary video that encapsulated the emotional journey of conquering the happiness education program in SISS’s first academic year.

Following these beautiful images, the audience was moved by the heartfelt speech of Mr. Aaron Butler, Vice Principal of the International Program.

Next came the joyful and radiant moments when the students were called by name and stepped onto the stage in their bright red graduation gowns to receive their prestigious diplomas, recognizing their academic achievements at SISS.

The ceremony was also an occasion to recognize and honor students with outstanding achievements over the past academic year. Especially, some Jaguars received the Principal Honour Roll for their excellent achievements. Proud of the accomplishments of the SISS academic community, Nguyen Anh Khoi, a Year 5 student, represented the Jaguars, sharing his thoughts on an academic year filled with beautiful memories at this school.

“We have enthusiastically completed a great academic year with moments of excellence and non-stop efforts of hard work. I have had many interesting experiences in SISS, from exciting lessons and memorable field trips to dynamic sports competitions and vibrant art performances, as well as excellent academic projects realized by the knowledge, skills, and dedication of Jaguars.”

The outstanding achievements of the students are not only the result of their self-discipline and hard work but also of the contributions and support from their teachers and families.

Appreciating the time spent being accompanied and guided by their teachers on the journey of exploring knowledge at SISS, the Jaguars presented fresh bouquets of flowers and words of gratitude to their teachers to express their heartfelt thanks.

In this emotional moment, the Jaguars also conveyed their thanks to their parents through beautiful songs, warm hugs, and meaningful flowers.

Starting with laughter and bright applause, the Graduation and Closing Ceremony ended in joyous, exuberant emotions, and even tears of happiness, concluding a glorious and complete academic year for the SISS community on their journey to conquer education from New South Wales (Australia).

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