Impressed with the School Year Exhibition 2023 – 2024

April 10, 2024

The School Year Exhibition “Jaguars: The World Changers” has successfully ended and contributed to painting a brilliant picture of the academic year 2023 – 2024 for teachers and students at the Sydney International School System.

On April 6, 2024, the SISS community gathered together at the School Year Exhibition 2023 – 2024, which took place at the Hoa Binh Theater. There, with the participation of many parents, teachers, and students, the Exhibition was successful beyond expectations and left many impressive marks.

Academic Exhibition with Excellent Projects

Attending the event, many parents could not hide their pride when looking at the academic projects carried out by the Jaguars. Not only that, the students’ confidence and presentation when introducing their class projects also left a deep impression on the parents attending this special event.

From works of art made in Creative Arts classes to projects in HSIE, Mathematics, English, or Literature, each project is a testament to the effectiveness of learning the New South Wales program at the Sydney International School System. It is not only the knowledge and skills but also the enthusiasm and perseverance of the students through each lesson during their time at school.

Exciting Arts Exhibition

After many days of preparation and practice with the Creative Arts teacher, the students brought different emotions to the attendees, especially the indescribable feeling of pride when witnessing them confidently “shone” on such a big stage.

In addition to performances such as “A Sky Full Of Stars,” “Viet Nam Gam Hoa,” “My Own Superhero,” and “Dieu Phi Thuong Be Nho,” the Jaguars also brought a musical performance titled “Wish,” which was rehearsed by students in Creative Arts, and impressive TEDx SISS Youth 2024 presentations.

To look back at the Jaguars’ performances, Parents can watch them here!

Thank you to all Jaguars for your constant efforts in making the School Year Exhibition successful. Thank you to the parent community for attending and supporting every moment with the School and Jaguars. Thank you, teachers, and everyone’s silent contributions.

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