Literacy Day Opened a Meaningful World of Books

September 11, 2023

On Saturday, September 9th, 2023, a number of parents and students took part in Literacy Day, which was organized with the aim of promoting the reading culture and providing an occasion for parents and students to discuss the moral values that books impart.

To bring memorable experiences to parents and students, the School has organized special activities, including:

  • Drawing and coloring famous characters in the world of fairy tales and comics with the Character Drawing activity.
  • Designing bookmarks with a variety of colors with the Bookmark Decoration activity.
  • Testing their skills to find meaningful words with the Code Detective activity.
  • Trying their luck to find pairs of cards with similar pictures with the Lighting Quiz activity.
  • Overcoming obstacles with their parents and completing famous folk proverbs with the Obstacle Race activity.

In particular, the students who came to the event also brought books to donate to the School’s reading area. The students have promoted a reading culture and shown their willingness to share with the SISS community by providing significant messages and justifications for reading their chosen books.

Giving meaningful words at the event, Mr. Aaron Butler – Vice Principal of the International Program, shared this statement, “At SISS, our aim is to help create a literate world and promote literacy for all, and the best place to start is right here at school. We believe in the importance of literacy because it is not only a human right but also a tool of personal empowerment, and a means for social and human development. When we read, not only do we learn new information and gain enjoyment, but we also make meaningful connections with ideas. We are mentally transported to distant lands, meet new characters, and become a part of the text. This experience is essential for the growth of our students.”

According to him, “At SISS, our educational opportunities depend on literacy.” Therefore, the reading culture will continue to be promoted at SISS through classroom activities even after Literacy Day. As a result, Jaguars will develop into competent readers with rich life experiences and sharp minds.

Parents and students, please take a look at the pictures at Literacy Day!

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