Jaguars Help Increase the Power of Kindness

November 14, 2023

November was filled with learning activities aimed at emphasizing the importance of care and kindness in life in general and in school life in particular.

Kindness is the golden key that helps us build deep relationships and spread good things in this world. For students, kindness becomes more important than ever, as this is one of the factors that helps them feel the happiness around them.

Students can sense kindness in the smallest and closest things. It springs from their sincerity, love, sympathy, tolerance, generosity, good heart, optimism, and open spirit.  Not only will the other person feel appreciated when they do acts of kindness, but they will also experience an increase in love and happiness.

Those are also the messages that SISS wanted Jaguars to learn when responding to World Kindness Day, held on November 13rd, 2023. On this day, people from all over the world will come together to engage in meaningful activities and events in order to promote and honor the importance of kindness.

On this special occasion, Jaguars wore purple clothes and joined together to make “kindness flowers” and “kindness albums” as a way to share their personal experiences of kindness as well as stories they had heard or witnessed. Each story has served as a unique piece of the puzzle that contributes to a brilliant and colorful image of our beautiful world.

In addition, Year 3 Jaguars recently engaged in an interesting and fun-filled lesson through role-playing activities where they learned how to resolve problems related to conflicts between friends. With their creativity and confidence, the Jaguars performed their best in their roles and presented numerous solutions to the problems. Most of them wanted a mutually agreeable solution to the issue and a resolution that would not cause any unease for those involved.

Listening to the causes of disagreements, voicing personal views, exploring options, and looking to friends for support are all perfectly normal behaviors, but they also serve as a means for us to develop deep bonds with one another through kindness and a sincere heart. During the lessons, they also designed their own friendship notebooks to keep their beautiful memories with their classmates.

In addition, the Jaguars never stop showing compassion to anyone in need of assistance. In pursuit of the main project “Yen Bai, For A Brighter Tomorrow” during the academic year 2023 – 2024, students typically engage in events throughout the academic year to contribute to the “Build A Better Tomorrow” Community Fund, which specifically assists people residing in highland areas.

We are confident that Jaguars will grow up to be happy citizens in the bright future since they grew up together in the SISS common house, where kindness is much valued.

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