Outstanding Activities in January

January 27, 2024

Starting 2024 with great enthusiasm, the Jaguars have actively participated in learning and experiential activities and were ready for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon.

The Jaguars’ dynamic energy is always something we admire because they study well in class and actively participate in activities and competitions on many different scales. In harmony with the Tet atmosphere spreading across every street, Jaguars spent the first month of the new year 2024 with many impressive activities.

Preserve Beautiful Memories with Lovely Tet Photos

When Tet and Spring come, how can Jaguars miss the opportunity to dress up in Tet clothes and take pictures with friends and teachers? Therefore, on the morning of January 25, 2024, the students “filled” the classroom with vibrant yellow, red, white, and blue colors. Images of students in sparkling, colorful outfits looked like birds happily flying in the beautiful Spring sky.

The SISS family’s activities to welcome the Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2024 are certainly not done yet. Parents, please look forward to the happy Spring images of students at the Spring Festival “Yeu thuong ven tron” on February 1, 2024. In addition, when returning to school on February 19, 2024, Jaguars will also participate in many fun and exciting spring activities.

Exciting Moments in the January Assembly

This month, the Assembly was back and brought Jaguar exciting activities. Held on the same day as Australia Day – January 26, 2024, the Assembly became a miniature playground for students to learn about Australia Day, sing its National Anthem together, and play games related to this topic.

Welcoming “Aussie Day” Festival with “Play and Learn” Activities

Every January 26, all people in the Land of Kangaroos eagerly welcome Australia Day with many grand celebrations and festivals. Also on this day, SISS “New South Wales residents” actively involved themselves in various activities. After learning about Australia Day in the Assembly, the students continued with classroom activities that included decorating the Australian flag, exploring the map and symbols of Australia by using VR goggles, and creating a “one-of-kind” information board about Australia based on their understanding.

At this moment, the Jaguars are very anxious to celebrate the Lunar New Year with relatives and friends. Jaguars, remember to take advantage of this time to rest well, recharge your energy, and make a significant improvement in the coming year!

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