SISS Welcomed Vietnamese Women’s Day Full of Emotions

October 20, 2023

The SISS community recently celebrated Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20th with a variety of meaningful activities, giving students a chance to share good values and show their appreciation for all the ladies that surround them.

On October 20th, each year, people from all around the nation celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day in a joyous environment. We express our appreciation for their unspoken efforts by sending them heartfelt messages, thoughtful gifts, and fresh flower bouquets. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts have always performed their duties exceptionally in the family and in society. Regardless of the role or task they perform, they are always willing to devote their expertise and bravery to get the greatest outcomes. Their efforts also laid the foundation for the civilized, progressive, equitable, and peaceful life we lead today.

Sydney International School System prepared various significant events on October 20th, 2023, to offer Jaguars the chance to honor the role of women and to show gratitude and heartfelt thoughts to their beloved women.

Students of all year levels also got the chance to learn about well-known women who have made important contributions to the causes of social development, peacekeeping, and nation-building. These women are successful businesswomen, skilled writers who have contributed to the enrichment of the national literature heritage, and fierce athletes who strive to represent their country with honor.

Besides, the students also participated in activities such as drawing pictures and making cards on October 20th with many meaningful wishes. Students in Year 1 made “one-of-a-kind” cards with beautiful drawings and scribbles to give to their moms, grandmothers, sisters, teachers, or other women they love on October 20th to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day. They were devoted to creating those precious cards, despite the fact that their handwriting was poor and they could only write simple words. This also contributes to the fact that, despite their shortcomings, their feelings are very sincere and lovely.

Due to the stress of work and school, we occasionally forget to show our gratitude and love to the ladies in our lives who carefully look out for us. We will eventually come to believe that speaking up is difficult and unnecessary. However, for the ladies who love us no matter what, hearing the words “Thank you” or “I love you, mom!” holds far more affection than any costly present.

As a result, SISS students worked together to make the adorable video below as a surprise gift for their special ladies. The School hopes that the parent community, mothers, grandparents, and sisters in particular, will find great joy in this present.

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