“Talented Engineers” Team at VEX Robotics 2024

January 25, 2024

Participating in the VEX Robotics National Championship 2024, the 3 SISS teams, including Year 5 and Secondary School students, had unforgettable experiences.

Within the framework of the program “A Year Of Robotics 2024” implemented by STEAM for Vietnam, the American Center (US Embassy and Consulate in Vietnam), and Hanoi University of Science and Technology, VEX Robotics 2024 is a competition that brings together thousands of students from all over the country. In October 2023, the School held a Selection Round and selected excellent students to join the “Talented Engineers” team of SISS.

From October 2023 to January 2024, the Jaguars team trained with their subject teachers to practice robot control skills on the sand table and execute commands as required. Over the past time, the students have been practicing diligently after school and maintaining their best competitive spirit.

The SISS SEBASTIAN team, which includes Anh Khoi, Kien Tuong, The Minh, Khanh Vy, and Tung Lam – the talented Jaguars of Year 5 – shared that they encountered many difficulties during the practice. Not only did they have to modify the Robot many times and continuously update the program to perfect the design, but they also worked with their instructor, Ms. Diep, to find ways to overcome and solve many problems.

As for the SISS THE STRONGMAN team, which includes Nhat Tue (Year 6 Jaguars) and Truong Thien, Vien Bach, and Minh Khang (Year 7 Jaguars), they also learned how to resolve disagreements and conflicts throughout the training process because the whole team has one common desire – to conquer this competition.

On January 19, 2024, the 3 teams, which include SISS SEBASTIAN, SISS CREATIVE JAGUARS, and SISS THE STRONGMAN, left for Hanoi to compete with other teams. The competition was held at Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, Thach That, Hanoi, and took place for two days, January 20 and 21. Accompanying the talented Jaguars are the parents and teachers assigned by the School.

SISS SEBASTIAN and the Year 5 Jaguars competed in the Primary School Group, while SISS CREATIVE JAGUARS and SISS THE STRONGMAN battled against teams in the Secondary School Group. They competed in two categories: the Robot Skills Challenge and the Teamwork Skills Challenge.

Coming to the competition, the SISS CREATIVE JAGUARS team, which includes Bao Quan, Linh Dan, Tam Nhi, and Hai Dang (Year 6 Jaguars) hope to win a ticket to the International Round held in the US next May. That is also the common goal of Jaguars, as they all want to bring home a special gift for the SISS community, especially for Ms. Diep – who has accompanied them throughout the past time.

After two days of competition, our Jaguars did their best, and the SISS SEBASTIAN team was honored with Second Place in the Math Division category. Although the results left a Jaguar feeling disappointed, Khanh Vy – the only female member of the SISS SEBASTIAN team – shared that “I learned a lot from the experiences and strategies of other teams. In my opinion, I find the competition very interesting because I can learn more.”

Our hard-working Jaguars have never forgotten to send a message to their parents and teachers, who silently accompany and support their journey. “Thank you, our parents, the Board of Principals, Ms. Diep, and all of the teachers for giving us the opportunity to participate in this meaningful competition” – shared by the Year 7 Jaguars.

The two days of hard work at the competition have certainly been impressive journey pages in the youth book of 13 talented Jaguars from Grade 5 and Secondary School. Thank you for not giving up, and always remember that today’s experience is the spice of tomorrow’s success.

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