The “Encanto” Performance and Untold Stories

November 30, 2023

Bringing an impressive performance of the play “Encanto” at the “Happy 100 Days of School, Jaguars!” event, how did Year 3 Jaguars feel about their performance?

Creative Arts is one of the focused subjects at Sydney International School System, including Dance, Music, Visual Arts, and Drama. In the New South Wales program, the combination of these subjects is considered a core foundation to help students develop skills and general knowledge related to the field of art while nurturing their capacity to apply creativity skills in many different fields of study.

Drama is a subject that many students are interested in because, in this subject, students not only get to play their favorite characters but also have the opportunity to challenge themselves on real stages. Typically, last November, Year 3 students performed “Encanto” during the “Happy 100 Days of School, Jaguars!” event. The performance is inspired by the animated musical film of the same title, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released in 2021.

Their performance received applause and cheers from the audience, and Hoang Manh Khuong shared, “I felt very proud of my performance.” Similar to Manh Khuong, Mai Ha Anh also said, “When performing in front of parents and other students, I was not nervous because many people were watching, and I felt like I really enjoyed it.” In contrast to Ha Anh, Phuong Kim and Minh Anh said they felt quite nervous because this was their first time performing in front of so many people.

To be able to present a play with many parts and perform entirely in English, the students spent more than 3 weeks practicing with their subject teacher. During the practice, it’s hard to prevent feelings of difficulty and discouragement, but Kha Tu said, “My friends and I tried to practice more,” and in order to overcome those difficulties, Linh Dan also shared, “I have learned how to motivate myself.”

Accompanying the students during that time was Ms. Kimmy – the subject teacher and also the person who always observed every small action performed by the students on stage. Dang Uyen Nhi shared that “Miss Kimmy was the one who comforted us so we could overcome the difficulties during rehearsals.” Sharing about Creative Arts, Mai Ha Anh also added, “I feel very happy learning Creative Arts because it helps me relieve stress, and I also like music.”

Drama is a subject that contains many interesting things, requiring many skills from students, but this subject will also be the key to helping them open new lands in their emotional world. In the future, with their talent, the Jaguars will certainly bring more special performances, and let’s look forward to it.

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